Who We Are

Simone and Carson have known each for over 25 years. Carson originally started as Simone's 'office boy' in a previous company. For 18 years they worked together in one of Australia's largest Speaker Bureaus, learning about every aspect of the speaking industry.

Recognising an opportunity, in 2016 they started Leading Voice. Born out of the desire to work exclusively with some of the very best speaking talent in Australia, today they consider themselves very fortunate to be able to work with such amazing people.

Even though Simone and Carson are both Directors of the company, Carson knows who the real boss is!


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We know a bit about how to ensure the speaker you select will have the impact you are after at your conference or event. The speakers we represent have been carefully selected for their ability to tell stories, connect with your audience and share their wide variety of expertise and experiences. Our 'eclectic' group of speakers cover all the major topic areas you may require a speaker to present on.

Here are 9 important things to consider when booking your next speaker.

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