Executive Coach CAMERON SCHWAB

The defining characteristic of every great organisation or team is leadership.

About Your Coach Cameron

Cameron has the fully lived experience as a 25-year CEO in the AFL, of the Richmond, Melbourne, and Fremantle football clubs.   

He is a legacy-focused leader who has bounced back from setbacks, taking on the sport’s most challenging leadership roles. 

After leaving the world of high-performance sport, and with his personal mantra, “never forget how hard it is”, Cameron channeled his passion for teaching and developing leaders through designCEO.  Working with individuals and organisations, Cameron teaches a system that is focused on high performance leadership habits to enable leaders to establish their daily practice of leadership excellence. 

Over the past five years Cameron has mentored individuals, executives, and teams from Australia’s largest and smallest organisations.  Cameron holds an MBA and Master of Marketing from the Melbourne Business School and has completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at the Harvard Business School.   He is a Vincent Fairfax Fellow of the Centre of Ethical leadership at University of Melbourne and received his Coaching Certification from the Columbia Business School in New York. 

“I am a coach, mentor and teacher, not coaching to who the leader is now, but who the leader can be, meeting people where they are now, and finding out where we can go together.”

As coach, mentor and teacher, Cameron’s approach is built on the empathy of someone who has deep experience with leadership, including the wisdom that can only come from the need to give of yourself as a leader.

Cameron focuses on delivering unique, advanced, yet deliverable strategy and culture concepts and frameworks from the uncompromising world of professional sport, in combination with leading-edge academic concepts from the Harvard and Melbourne Business Schools.

Teaching the designCEO ‘Performance Trust’ system, recognising the need for alignment of purpose and performance to achieve leadership goals and objectives, through:
· High-intensity learning
· Productive Struggle
· Deliberate Practice

Cameron mentors leaders, teams, and organisations teaching and embedding a system of leadership habits, to create the behaviours and culture to achieve high-performance outcomes.

Working with leaders, teams and organisations:

  • Seeking a team-based approach to organisational performance
  • New teams forming, or established teams looking for a lift in momentum, motivation, and performance.
  • Navigating change, complexity, and ambiguity, believing courageous, purposeful, and confident leaders drive progress and achieve strategic outcomes.
  • Committed to developing leaders with the capacity to inspire and institutionalise trust and are prepared to embrace expectations and personally model performance standards.
  • Organisations and leaders not comfortable with the status quo, and willing to challenge assumptions, disrupt default thinking, and introduce original ways of thinking in relation to developing leaders.
  • Ready to fast-track emerging leaders for greater responsibility.
  • To provide leaders with the opportunity to create their leadership style, leveraging their unique characteristics and skills as a means of building personal leadership authenticity, belief and resilience.
  • To ensure accountability for team-based outcomes.
What Clients Say

“Profound wisdom – He was like Master Yoda from Star Wars. Inspiring and thought provoking.
Sam Paynter, Director, Greg Hocking Real Estate

“Cameron Schwab’s presentation to the CEO forum was raw, passionate and insightful. His engaging style and willingness to share his own story in a way was at times raw and vulnerable. His insights into leadership and the challenges that go with it, gave me a lot to think about.
Jim Mole, CEO Ameropa Australia

“One of Cameron’s key messages is that ‘leadership is so personal’. He is remarkably generous in sharing his intensely personal journey and reflects on how this informs his leadership, trust and high performances frameworks. These models developed over 25 years of leadership practice resonated deeply with the CEO Forum members and provided them with fresh insights to take back to their own businesses.
Richard Lindell, CEO International CEO Forum

“Cameron’s leadership workshop was one of the best I’ve been to. Practical and clear frameworks for leadership, with authentic and powerful delivery. Cameron’s experience as a leader in an elite sporting environment provides a unique perspective to leadership that I wish was taught more broadly. And a masterful storyteller!”
Lisa Jacobs, Executive Manager Legal-REA Group

“Absolutely inspirational and will make a difference to what I think and what I plan to do. Cameron’s passion and great storytelling skill meant his message was delivered 100 times louder and clearer.”
Richard Ye, General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Armstrong Flooring

“Cameron is authentic and real. He is also a great thinker who has been able to turn his experiences, both good and bad, into a practical toolkit that you can arm yourself with to succeed in leadership. In one training session, Cameron succinctly described the lessons that it took me 12 years to learn in business. But not only that, Cameron is all about implementation – the practical outworking of leadership skills in a tailored and achievable way.”
Adrian Spencer, CEO Grant Ready


Executive Coach CAMERON SCHWAB


Executive Coach CAMERON SCHWAB

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