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About Your Coach Nick

From Nick’s professional background of being the only person in the world to have worked in marketing teams at both Facebook and Twitter, and his personal background of lived experience and recovery from addiction and mental ill-health, Nick is ideally positioned to be able to help you grow both your business and yourself through your daily challenges and help you be the absolute best version of yourself.

Nick has extensive experience in business coaching, both in person and online over the phone, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, as well as a degree in counselling.

He is currently working towards his Masters/PhD in Psychology, and all of that experience means  you will be supported in both an empathic and evidence-backed environment with Nick.

As a coach, Nick never tell anyone what they should or must do. That’s not his job. The way he coaches people is to show them their own words, thoughts, and actions, and encourage them to think about whether they are the best way to move forward and achieve their goals.

The way we talk about ourselves – to ourselves – is usually a pretty good indicator of the areas in which we need to grow, and that forms a big part of his coaching model with clients.

Nick works in two areas: business coaching and personal counselling, but in all honestly, they are one and the same. If you are being held back by what has happened to you in the past, what has been said to you in the past, and which outer voices have become your inner voice, then you are always going to be limited by them.

His belief is that we can’t be the best business version of ourselves while we are not the best personal version of ourselves, and vice versa. A holistic approach is required to get both sides moving positively forward, and that’s exactly the way he works with his clients.

What Clients Say

“Having worked with Nick on numerous occasions, I can absolutely guarantee that he delivers on his promise. Audiences love him. he calls it as he sees it and I have absolute admiration and respect for his speaking “kick-assedness’. Book Nick and every expectation that you have will be exceeded – and your audience will have a blast.”
Speaker and best-selling author, Andrew Griffiths

“Dead set amazing speaker. Relates to all ages and tells it like it is.”
Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management

“The best!”
Online Marketing Australia

“Easy to listen to. Nick was a real standout. Intelligent. Funny. Authentic.”

“Nick knows his stuff and you won’t find a more informed speaker and innovative thinker. I’ve had Nick present at several of my events over the last 4 years, and put simply: Nick rocks!”
Terri Cooper Events

“Authentic, intelligent, amusing, and very giving of his time and knowledge. Always happy to answer questions and gives an honest response. If you look around a room when Nick’s speaking, you will notice he has the audience’s undivided attention, the content is always that good. Love hearing him speak whenever we get the chance.”
Eon Digital


Executive Coach NICK BOWDITCH


Executive Coach NICK BOWDITCH

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