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About Your Coach Lauren

Dr Lauren Burns is best known for winning an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo at the Sydney 2000 Games. She is also a qualified naturopath and nutritionist (BHSc) and has a PhD in athlete lifestyle and mindset (LabClinSci).

Lauren works closely with Australia’s future Olympians through the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) Gold Medal Ready (GMR) program. She is currently conducting research through the AIS on the impact of interpersonal relationships on performance, and she sits on the Scholarship Selection Committee for the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. She is also the Nutritional Ambassador for Nino Early Learning where she creates seasonal, wholefood, delicious menu’s for Nino’s Centres.

As a qualified health professional, Lauren combines her experience in elite sport, health and nutrition with her PhD research in lifestyle and mindset to assist you in finding your own personal rhythm, clarity and road-map for any life stage.

This is a chance to work one-on-one with an Olympic gold medallist and naturopath/nutritionist, who is dedicated to assisting you achieve direction, purpose, self-belief and strategies for self-care, vitality and implementation of goals.

During her journey to Olympic gold, Lauren’s focus was always a holistic one. She was a knowledge-seeker, always finding experts who could assist her to be the best athlete she could be. The pursuit to perform on the world stage as a vegetarian athlete in the -49kg category during a time when most dietitians told her it couldn’t be done, culminated in her passion and love of practical and simple strategies to fuel the body for optimal energy and vitality.

Lauren’s clinical experience as a naturopath and nutritionist combined with her experience in high performance brings a truly unique offering. Her PhD research included interviews with Olympic and world champion athletes, along with a variety of elite and pre-elite athletes. This work unpacked the mindset and psychological attributes of this elite group. Lauren’s skill is being able to apply those skills to everyday life in practical real-world application.

Her sessions include implementing planning strategies to remove the drainers and bring clarity and purpose which is aligned to your core values.

Although her nutritional focus is on simple strategies with food, Lauren also incorporates blended liquid herbs and where appropriate prescribes supplements to support and nourish the individual.

Lauren’s Performance and Lifestyle package is structured over 4 sessions:

Stage 1


• Health and wellness review
• Clarifying your goals and objectives
• Establishing a plan
• Nourishment strategy

Stage 2


• Self-connection
• Alignment with your core values
• Discover areas of your life that are draining you
• Solidifying habits and self-care strategies to support YOU

Stage 3


• Creation of your road map
• Big picture analysis
• Specific, detailed planning for your future
• Setting boundaries

Stage 4


• Mindset skills
• Learn effective time management strategies
• Food preparation and nutritional strategies to support your vitality
• Strategic planning inclusive of all aspects of your life

Lauren coaches in the following key areas:

  • Wellness
  • Mindset
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal performance
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Nutrition
What Clients Say

“Lauren Burns is one of the most incredible people on this planet. Her wisdom and passion for living is admirable, infectious, something which I have observed as one of her biggest strengths, amidst many others. She has taught me a seemingly infinite number of things and has been better than any sport psych I have ever worked with. She is someone that I know understands the inevitable pressure that I sometimes feel. To have her
in my corner is an immense confidence booster leading into next year.”

Jaryd Clifford, Paralympian 1500m & 5000m World Champion






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