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About Lauren

Dr Lauren Burns OAM delivers powerful, engaging, and life-changing presentations. Lauren’s genuine passion for inspiring and empowering participants shines through her unique blend of humour, down-to-earth storytelling, and evidence-based tips for achieving optimal well-being and high-performance living. Her ability to captivate audiences with relatable anecdotes and practical strategies is what sets her apart.

Through her presentations, Lauren elevates the potential of each individual in the room, motivating them to take action and make positive changes in their lives.

She created sporting history by winning the first Olympic gold medal for Taekwondo when the sport debuted at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

She was one of only three Australian women to win an individual Olympic Gold Medal, along with Cathy Freeman and Susie O’Neill. Her amazing triumph at the Sydney Games was achieved against the odds – requiring enormous discipline, commitment, perseverance, and teamwork.

Since the Sydney Olympics, Lauren has emerged as one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers. She has been on the speaking circuit for over 25 years and continues to travel the country conducting keynote presentations, workshops, and masterclasses, all cantered around ‘Elevating Potential’ in individuals.

Lauren’s presentations are powerful and engaging. Her genuine passion for inspiring and empowering participants shines through with her down-to-earth storytelling and evidence-based tips for achieving optimal well-being and high-performance living. Her ability to captivate audiences with relatable anecdotes and practical strategies is what sets her apart.

She has a PhD in Athlete Lifestyle and Mindset and works closely with the Australian Institute of Sport, both with the Gold Medal Ready program and their research institute. Her doctoral work won the prestigious RMIT Vice Chancellor’s Prize and Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Research Impact and is published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.

A best-selling author, Lauren has penned two books: Fighting Spirit and Food from a Loving Home. Lauren also shares her nutritional expertise by designing whole-food menu plans for a renowned Melbourne childcare centre. Additionally, she offers exclusive one-on-one executive-level coaching while balancing the joys and responsibilities of a busy family life.

Over the past 20 years, Lauren has combined all of her learning and experience into nine core elements, making up the Circle of Lifestyle.

Key Themes and Topic ares include:

  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Relationships and Connection
  • Well-being
  • Lifestyle and Mindset
  • Strategic Planning and goal setting

Elevating Potential

In this tailored keynote, audiences will learn about:

  • Transforming Lauren’s Olympic and life experiences into practical life strategies
  • Lauren’s ‘Cycle of Lifestyle’ and how this impacts performance, mindset, relationships, and overall well-being
  • Practical strategies to bring structure, balance and energy
  • The importance of interpersonal relationships for well-being, stress management, and peak performance.
  • PLUS Audience participation through taekwondo moves, concluding with one person breaking a board on stage.

LEAP – Lifestyles of Elite Athletic Performers

  • Learn from the world’s best athletes and gain insights from Lauren’s PhD research
  • Discover the lifestyle and mindset factors that contribute to the success of Olympic and World Champion-winning athletes
  • Explore psychological attributes such as intrinsic motivation, resilience, realistic optimism, self-regulation, and a thirst for knowledge that define elite performers
  • Elevate potential by adopting the mindset and habits of successful athletes into daily life

Values and planning – the key to understanding individuals behaviour, decisions and attitudes

  • The benefits of understanding your personal values are well recognised. Personal values are deeply held beliefs and principles that guide individuals’ behaviour, decisions, and attitudes.
  • Lauren guides participants through the process of identifying their own personal values, what they need to add into their life to support their values, and what they need to change to reflect these values
  • Using your values-based decision making has positive impacts on:
    • Health & Well-being
    • Decision-Making & Goal Setting
    • Work Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Effective planning is key to both well-being and high-performance. Lauren empowers participants with strategies for short, medium and long-term planning – where they leave equipped with knowledge and recourses to continue incorporating planning into their life.


Active Taekwondo Workshop

Make your event memorable – all participants break boards! An excellent way to kick-off or wrap-up a conference – with high energy and sense of achievement and purpose.

Lauren conveys key messages relating to self-belief, mental imagery, and incorporates the ancient practices of the martial art taekwondo, to cultivate the indomitable spirit.

The boards are a metaphor for Action, Commitment and Breakthrough.

Workshop include:

  • Simple, high energy taekwondo moves
  • Focus on fun, teamwork, practical skills and key messages
  • All participants breaking boards
  • Signing of participants’ boards as take home memento

Mood Food Workshop –
How food impacts our energy, mood & mental health

Lauren is a degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and has always been passionate about complementary medicine and wholefoods.

She studied naturopathy alongside training for the Olympic Games and incorporated many principles and naturopathic teachings into her training and diet regime which she attributes to her success at the Games. Her cookbook Food from a Loving Home is a collection of her favourite recipes. Continuing her passion for food as medicine, Lauren has lectured Medicinal Food Science at Endeavour College

Focusing on the scientific link between food and mood, and Lauren’s take-home message of ‘Eat the Rainbow’, this presentation is fun and engaging. Participants learn life skills and knowledge they can incorporate directly into their own lives and kitchens.


Having spent many years delivering engaging, entertaining and memorable keynote talks in Australia and around the world, Lauren has also developed as a wonderful conference and event MC and host.

Her warm and relaxed style ensures any audience will enjoy their event experience. Lauren also brings many years of her own event experience to the stage as she professionally delivers as an MC.

She will take the time to understand your event beforehand and ensure she is adaptable on the day to deal with any last minute changes. Being an Olympic Gold medallist as well, she can add in her own personal stories as needed to fit with your program.

Having Lauren as part of your team will ensure your audience will never forget your event.

What clients say about Lauren as an MC…

“10 out 10….Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with – she took the time to understand our event, communicate with our team beforehand and on the night was able to read the vibe in the room exceptionally well. Throughout the evening Lauren was able to seamlessly navigate any changes to schedule or tweak the script as she went. Through personal anecdotes Lauren engaged with our guests and was able to inject her own personality and warmth into the evening. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren for your next event.”

Leigh Meyrick, Director Media & Communications, Australian Sports Commission.


What Clients Say

“A quick note to say how much we appreciated your presentation last Friday. Our people were genuinely excited to hear your story first-
hand and the points you made about goal-setting, self-belief and perseverance were particularly poignant. Also, thank you personally for your kind words to my son and the note you wrote for him. We were both touched by your gesture.”

“Excellent, Lauren’s energy was intoxicating. Our guests were mesmerised.”

“Excellent. Lauren did an exceptional job inspiring and captivating 360 of our young assistant managers at this year’s conference. She had each and every one of us enthralled in her experiences and was great that it was also interactive where she got everyone up screaming! (not to mention actually touching an Olympic Gold medal!) We loved her and would use her again in a heartbeat should the need arise as she really suited the theme of our conference being ‘Build the core and go for more’.”

“Excellent. It was refreshing to listen to someone so natural and with a joy of life. An ordinary person doing extraordinary things.”

“Lauren inspired and entertained the audience with her simple but powerful messages on how to succeed through sacrifice and determination.”

Thank you so much for coming to our event. I’ve heard so much positive feedback from people who attended – they loved how engaging you are as a speaker and how positive and uplifting your message was!

“Excellent. Lauren was an enthusiastic, highly motivational speaker who related extremely well to our Year 10 group. Her rapport with the students was outstanding and her reflections / anecdotes on her career were inspirational for those listening. Absolutely sensational!”





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