About Robyn

Robyn Moore is regarded as one of Australia’s best and most in-demand speakers.  For over 40 years she has been working in Education, Advertising and the Communication/Entertainment Industry. She has unique skills with “the Power of the Word” and her entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presentations totally captivate her audiences at national and international conferences. Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives both personally and professionally. Robyn’s presentations are quite often literally described as… “life changing”.


When she is also the MC, delegates consistently report “The Best Conference EVER”! Having one, two or three days with an audience, enables Robyn to enhance her relationship with everyone. Through her years of experience she holds the conference together, keeps people totally engaged and…deepen, embed and re-enforce the theme and messages from the entire Conference.


Robyn’s presentations are tailored to your Brief as well as being designed to:

• Re-ENGAGE your delegates/staff with their whole LIFE! Their Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community…Themselves!

• Re-ALIGN delegates/staff with the Vision, Values and Goals of the company or their business.

• Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours…attendees access personal responsibility and self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.

• Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.

• Re-MIND your audience about what “really mattered before the circumstances changed everything!”  They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.

 Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times.


“Excellent! 11 out of 10! Extraordinary!!!! Robyn has true potential to make motivational speakers redundant. She is marvelous at what she does. Robyn hit all the right notes with our audience. She made our delegates laugh, cry, re-evaluate their lives, refocus on what’s important, and the best part is that she left a lasting impression on everyone. This alone is a remarkable difference between Robyn and other speakers – she actually achieved a CUT-THROUGH I never would have thought possible if I hadn’t experienced it first-hand.”
Retail Food Group

“The impact on the leadership team is palpable and they continue to buzz with your energy.  Your ability to cover so many subjects and have people laughing one minute and teary the next is extraordinary.  Added to that is the subtle weaving of your inspirational messages with stories and their poignant relevance to Qantas.”
Qantas Engineering

“Robyn Moore changes peoples’ attitudes, behaviours…and their LIVES and has equipped us with tools to change the way we think. The feedback from staff has been overwhelming.”
Port Lincoln Health Services

“It must be very rewarding to have that sort of impact on people. It was a truly great experience”.
Westpac Bicentenary

“Robyn was extremely well received by the Estee Lauder Group. To be able to hold an audience of such diverse background, age and experience in your hands for 2 hours is incredible. What a talent.  The talk was touching, passionate, funny, enlightening all rolled into one.”
Estee Lauder

“The feedback on your presentation from our delegates has been nothing short of outstanding! As you saw Robyn, the people you met are real winners and they are always looking for that extra boost to help them through their next busy year – you gave them that. Words like, inspirational, exciting and motivating were in most pieces of feedback we received.”
NAB Incentive Conference NZ

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